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Targeted. Dedicated.

The most important organizational resource is the quality of your team. All staffing firms provide the same service, but how they provide this defines your success. The success of a manager is directly tied to the manager’s team. Ancilla delivers a targeted dedicated staffing service, rapidly. Our accelerated performance is driven by our experienced staff.

Employers Testimonials

Prompt. Specialized.

The required specialized skills, timing, and personality to bond with your organization’s distinctive culture are all considered with each person we interview. We consider an individual’s full spectrum as it relates to a successful placement including skills, availability, personality and attitude. These should match your organization’s culture to make certain you receive the best team member for your unique needs, promptly.

Why is Ancilla Different?

  1. Targeted approach. Select group of highly qualified candidates that thoroughly fit target requirements.
  2. Prompt results. Most employee and contract searches and are fully covered within 5-15 business days.
  3. Specialized service. Select group of behaviorally screened candidates are interviewed by firm partner.
  4. Thorough Ancilla Search & Selection Process to identify, interview and place premier team members.
  5. Processes are managed directly through a firm Partner averaging over 15 year’s hiring experience.
  6. Ethical, honest and confidential conduct in all facets of business. We highly respect those we serve; it is all about serving people.
  7. Established firm with proven track record. Consistently delivers high caliber people since 1999.
  8. Extensive post-hire protocol and contractor lifecycle communications.
  9. Expert retained level services and contract services to optimize your limited resources and secure the finest team.

Ancilla achieves this high level of success through our proven processes:

Ancilla Corporation is committed to Excellence in Service. Through our internal values and external affiliations, Ancilla adheres to a strict Code of Ethics and Good Business Practices.

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