ANCILLA. “It’s all about people.”

Since 1999 Ancilla has established relationships with leading organizations and been respected as a national, proven, and highly regarded staffing firm. Our relationships, stability and knowledge of the industries we work with ensure the success of our client candidates.

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You will not find a firm that will be as committed to your needs, goals and objectives as Ancilla. We have all the tools to help you realize the highest potential that your career has to offer.

  1. Ancilla Corporation owns the most powerful data and information in the industry. Our database extends into significantly detailed information on exclusive job opportunities as well as great depth on companies and high-level contacts in the industry. We provide you with the information required to secure the ideal position.
  2. Ancilla Corporation is a proven national executive placement and consulting firm. Our client candidates recognize that we are an exceptional placement firm to partner with. We guide our clients through the demanding process of identifying and securing the right position with an established process of success.
  3. We understand vertical expertise from a practitioner’s perspective.
  4. Our Methodology for the search and placement process is unsurpassed in the industry. Based upon your goals and input, we secure the ideal fit quickly without sacrificing thoroughness and efficiency.
  5. We understand the time constraints of a professional. We get the job done with minimal time invested, allowing you to focus on your objectives.
  6. You will enjoy working with us. Our people are professional, friendly, and attentive. We consult with an average of 15 years hiring experience. We are able to anticipate your desired outcome and achieve it.
  7. Our client companies compensate us; therefore the service is free to you. We have an extensive list of opportunities and clients in every industry sector.
  8. We consider an individual’s full spectrum as it relates to a successful placement including skills, availability, personality and attitude. These should match your career goals to make certain you receive the best fit for your unique needs.
  9. We are have constructed services to work for top vertical experts on a dedicated candidate search basis.


In order to retain career security it is essential for professionals to continuously educate themselves and develop new and ever evolving skill sets. Technology is the raw material of success. People are now measured by brainpower and their ability to learn and keep current with new technological advancement. The only security you have as a professional is investment in training and education in new technologies and industry advancement.

How do you keep pace with the inevitable changes in the industry?

You must constantly leverage your career, staying abreast of new technological advancements and opportunities. Decide now to become a student of your industry for the rest of your working years. You must be open to opportunities that will enhance your skills and position you for continued development and advancement.


Your primary goal should be the enhancement of your career. However, because we often fail to recognize and seize various opportunities when they arise, our occupational growth can be unrewarding. Unhappiness and dissatisfaction with one’s position should not dictate your decision to change jobs. Earlier evaluation of opportunities and unemotional judgment will bring greater and longer lasting success.

Ancilla Corporation has designed our business to work with people who are not actively looking for a change, but are willing to listen and capitalize on opportunity. By evaluating opportunities when there is no immediate pressure, our judgment is not only more objective, but more precise. Individuals who rise to the top make career growth and learning a priority value. Perhaps most important, it is this type of person who is always open to objectively evaluating opportunities as opportunity becomes available; and takes advantage of a truly career enhancing change. Ancilla Corporation can greatly help you accomplish this type of success. We are absolutely committed to our foremost value: Service- Total commitment to client partnerships in achieving client goals.


Ancilla Corporation is committed to Excellence in Service. Through our internal values and external affiliations, Ancilla adheres to a strict Code of Ethics and Good Business Practices.

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