Dedicated Candidate Search for Top Vertical Experts

What are the Benefits?

1. Search has priority
Aggressive activity and prompt feedback
2. Strength of third party representation
Process review and presentation
3. Market Knowledge
Able to identify companies not targeted by Client
4. Access to decision makers
Not routed through Human Resources
5. Exclusive Representation
Client presented without competition
6. Negotiations handled on client’s behalf
Positive start to relationship
7. No cost to client
Service fee paid by Hiring Company

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Dedicated Search Candidate Agreement

Download Agreement Here


How do I qualify?

A partnership is built on trust from a proven track record of staffing results and frequency of contact.  Once Ancilla has established a working relationship with you, we offer targeted, engaged career search on your behalf when you need personal career assistance the most.  The timing is up to you.



  1. Current working relationship with Ancilla
  2. Consent with executed client placement agreement
  3. Allocate time for interview
  4. Prompt feedback
  5. Provide business references
  6. Provide notice of all job opportunity leads
  7. Realistic expectations and desire to work within your space
  8. Timing is right to make a move and evaluate market
  9. Marketable Skills. Top performer with proven track record

How does it Work?

We put together a target list and market on your behalf to the centers of influence within the companies and opportunities that fit your background and vertical focus.  This is our “MVP” program customized for our clients.  You choose your timing; we market as professional and confidential agent.

  • Our research department develops a target list of 50 + companies that are related to the client’s background.
  • Client will also research and profile about 25 + companies he/she would be interested in working for
  • We assess with the client the positions they see themselves best suited for
  • Ancilla, with our client, prepares ‘Reasons Why’– see below Summary Sheet Example
  • Client will profile top career accomplishments
  • Ancilla works with the Client to construct a Summary Sheet of that individual’s accomplishments and attributes.
  • Client provides 3-5 strong references from employers, peers, and customers. Ancilla interviews references thoroughly and probes specific areas of Client’s strengths. Ancilla creates “What People Say About…” summary. (See below Summary Sheet Example). Ancilla utilizes references to back up Clients credentials.
  • Strategize with Client on market penetration.
  • Proactively market to 50 – 100 companies with the objective of obtaining a minimum of 3 interviews.
  • Provide Client feedback on all communication with the prospective employer, providing insight into market trends and conditions within the industry.
  • Ancilla provides post-interview coaching.
  • Provide Client with a minimum of one update per week.
  • Assist in all negotiations of salary, benefits, etc.
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Summary Sheet Example

Reasons Why- Joe C.

  • A technical IT Manager with both a bachelor of CS and MBA from IIT.  Can step in as a Director, VP or CIO of smaller organization.  Current level is Director/VP.
  • Over 15yrs industry and over 10yrs proven IT management within the vertical market of equities trading & clearing (Financial Services).
  • A highly respected top manager with one of the most successful Equity Derivatives Clearing Companies in the world, prior proven track record of successful management at the ABC CO. Implemented multiple successful projects for both companies.  Stellar management skills, in fact current boss describes him as “his best manager.”
  • Versatile IT manager that has a proven track record within all major IT departments:  Application development (Major Trading System at ABC CO., Major Clearing System Currently), Data base administration, Unix Systems, Tandem system administration, Disaster Recovery, IT Controls, Change management, Configuration management, Enterprise Operations, Security, Audit (SEC ‘Securities and Exchange Commission’ Regulations), Problem and Incident management, Capacity Planning, Production, Data Center management, Vendor management, and System provisioning.
  • Available for immediate interview and hire.  Compensation expectations are realistic within industry standards, open and flexible to different IT management levels.
  • Impeccable references:

What other people have said about Joe:

Ron B. / Relationship:  Boss

“I would rank Joe as my best Manager last year (2005)”
“Staff Enjoyed working with Joe”
“Joe has the ability to get team of people focused, get to root causes of production issues, develop solutions and get implemented”
“Excellent job at follow up with Audits (regulated by SEC)”
“Diligent in completing tasks”
“Instrumental in getting all areas in order and on board”
“Joe is a Management leader, excellent at growing rookie management into successful mangers”
“Joe Delivers projects within budget and on time”
“Provided thorough status reports”

Frank C. / Relationship: Peer, Former Boss

“Joe is a make it happen kind of guy”
“If you have a challenge give it to Joe, he has the reputation of getting things done.”
“If you have a tough problem no one seems to be stepping forward on- you give it to Joe.”
“Joe was selected to be in charge of the ‘Swat Team’ this was the crisis team that deals with difficult problems. Joe was the kind of guy that got things done.”
“Joe holds team accountable. Great attention to detail. Would rally troops and let nothing fall through the cracks.”
“Excellent at mentoring and managing other managers.”
“Joe was second to none as far as reliability.”
“Joe has outstanding organizational skills.”
“ Joe would never let anything fall through the cracks.”

Paul A. / Relationship:  ABC Co. (Chicago Board of Trade) employee

“Excellent ability to grasp details, used to solve issues”
“High level of tenacity.”
“ Joe earned the respect of others throughout his career at the ABC CO..”
“Joe performed stellar work at his time at the ABC CO.. An example of his success he managed “Project A” a critical electronic trading system.”
“Joe works very well with others. Well organized”
“Joe is among the best – top tier”